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Coral cuts Ras’s Hair…

Coral is cutting Ras’s Hair to raise funds for the Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School
This Charity is suffering during the Lockdown and desperately needs to raise funds
To Donate please click the link Below

Coral and the Glis Glis…

Ras is delighted to announce that Coral and the Glis Glis can now be ordered from Browns Books

Further details here:


Ras is pleased to announce that the audio play, Dilation, which features Ras is being released by B7 Media.

Dilation was written and directed by long time collaborator and friend, Max Hochrad.

Further details here:

Christmas for One…

Ras has filmed a Viral Advert for the PR Firm, Little Cricket.
You can watch it here:

Ras Barker - Actor
Photograph © 2016 Claire Grogan